Central Lincoln PUD is happy to offer an instant $800 rebate on heat pump water heaters exclusively through this special online offer. Simply follow the links below to choose the size that’s right for your home. The prices listed below have already been reduced to reflect our rebate – this is applied instantly so there’s no paperwork for you to fill out. Plus, curbside delivery to your home is included at no additional cost

It’s never been easier to upgrade to a highly efficient HPWH and start saving up to 75% on your water heating costs!

This offer is valid only for Central Lincoln PUD customers, so your order must be shipped to a residential address serviced by CLPUD. The water heater must replace an existing electric water heater. Limit one per home.

Make sure to review the Program Terms & Conditions before completing a purchase.

After your order is placed

  • Central Lincoln PUD will verify your eligibility before your order is shipped. If you have any questions on rebate eligibility, contact Efficiency Services Group at 888-883-9879.
  • When your order ships, you will receive a shipment notification email.
  • The delivery company will contact you to arrange a delivery appointment.

How much can I save with a Hybrid Water Heater?

The US Dept of Energy’s website provides the following calculation to determine how much a water heater costs to operate:

365 days/year x 12.03 kWh/day ÷ EF x Fuel Cost ($/kWh) = annual cost of operation

If we plug in the Rheem HPWH‘s EF of 3.50 and CLPUD’s electricity rate of $0.0774 for the fuel cost, the annual cost of operation = $97.10

For a standard electric water heater with a (somewhat generous) EF of 0.93, the annual cost of operation = $365.44

This calculation shows a Rheem HPWH will save an estimated $268.34 per year. In other words, a 50 gallon model purchased through this program will pay for itself in just over two years!
After factoring in the 30% federal tax credit, the payback period drops to just one year!

HPWH Resources


You may install your hybrid water heater yourself if you prefer – we highly recommend viewing the how-to video above. You may also opt for professional installation from any licensed plumber you choose. Below is a list of plumbers who serve the CLPUD area and are familiar with this program. Please note: this list is provided as a courtesy only. Neither CLPUD nor GPConservation endorse or recommend any plumber.

Program Terms & Conditions

It is up to you to determine the suitability of a HPWH for your home/application. GP Conservation makes no guarantee of fitness for a particular purpose and disclaims any liability for consequential damages arising out of the use of, or the inability to use the HPWH.

GP Conservation accepts returns of water heaters only under certain conditions. The unit to be returned must be (1) In new, undamaged condition, and (2) in its complete, intact packaging. If these conditions are met, a restocking fee of $140 and a return shipping fee of $120 will be deducted from your refund ($260 total).

Curbside delivery service is included with the purchase of a HPWH, and is the only service available through this offer. Inside delivery and/or delivery up or down stairs is NOT available. Someone must be present to sign for delivery. If you need to reschedule your delivery, you must do so at least 24 hours prior to your delivery appointment.

Contact Us

Have questions? Need help ordering? We’re here to help! Reach GP Conservation at: 503-907-2899 or [email protected]